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Institute of Environmental Protection exists since 1986.

We received the status of a National Research Institute (PIB) in 2010. - The Regulation of the Council of Ministers of 13 September 2010 on the giving Institute of Environmental Protection in Warsaw to the status of National Research Institute (OJ No 172, poz. 1165).

We are pleased to inform that in 2010 the Institute was awarded category 1 (recently A) by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education as a result of parametric evaluation of activities over the years 2005-2009 - Announcement No 19 of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of 30 September 2010 on the established categories of units.

IOS¦ KolektorskaOur Institute has been providing comprehensive research and advisory-expert services in the field of environmental protection for many years. We have a significant and recognized achievements in this area.

We are convinced that everyone will find something important and interesting for himself, but none of questions and doubts, with which you will come to us, won't remain unanswered. Our experts offer their knowledge and are available, similarly as accredited laboratories are equipped with modern apparatus and scientific research. We are trying to meet expectations of all persons who are looking for reliable and professional information and the direct guidance and assistance in order to effectively address environmental problems encountered in their professional life, in the place of residence and recreation.

IOS¦ WrocławAt our website you will find the offer of research units of the Institute  and plenty of information about  the scope of our actions and current achievements (backed up in many cases with appropriate references). We are also describing our organizational structure and the allocation of rights and duties, information about organized conferences, seminars and trainings, Institute’s publishing  and databases, the activities of the Institute in the framework of the National Environmental Monitoring supervised by General Inspectorate of Environmental Protection, ways of contacting us and other institutions active in the field of environmental protection.

IOS¦ Diabla Góra
At the site intended for Institute’s publications we offer many our publications available in the universal sales by depositing electronic orders for the purchase of the selected item. We encourage you also to benefit from the rich and often unique collections of the library of the Institute (e.g. concerning the details of international cooperation in the field of the environment).

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We believe that every contact with us will provide you an excellent opportunity to deepen your existing knowledge of the environment and the problems of its conservation.